Prime are an explosive new rock band from Nottingham, UK. Since their formation in 2014 they have been one of the most prolific new groups in the area, releasing a mini-album and an EP on their own indie label. Recognised by The Animal Farm for their cutting edge rock n’ roll, Prime are set to release 3 singles in 2016/2017, with the powerful production from the London based label taking their sound far above and beyond anything they’ve released to date. 
Prime have been noted for their professional, workmanlike attitude to gigging – akin to a group of flamboyant bank robbers coming to your town to empty all the vaults – but when they are on stage it’s anything goes.  Powerful drumming, funky bass lines, riffs to blow your brains out and a frontman in Lee Heir who provides a wild, sarcastic energy unmatched by new groups in his home city of Nottingham and possibly anywhere else (barring maybe their fellow Nottingham-ites Sleaford Mods, whos video maker and photographer Simon Parfrement has endorsed Prime by working with them on various early projects).  As with the likes of Jagger, Gallagher and Lydon, he prides himself on A) not giving a shit and B) giving a memorable performance.
Prime have played various shows and festivals throughout the country – unafraid to mix post-punk, ska, glam rock and other aggressive sounds into their set – including Tramlines Festival and the O2 Academy in Sheffield, Hockley Hustle in Nottingham and Phoenix Alternative in Wales, and have been described by the NUSIC website as “one of the best live bands” in the Nottinghamshire area. Complemented by a Drowned in Sound reviewer on their “awesome set”, and by a Contact Music scribe who described them as one of the “top three bands in the city”.  But, far more importantly, the band pride themselves on being politically aware, socially conscious and quite possibly anarchic too when it comes to the establishment.  They believe that you can be rebellious and entertaining in equal measures, something that seems to be almost lost in today’s rock and pop music.  The new release by Prime on The Animal Farm is going to knock you out.
– Richard Smith
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